Nippers is a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment. In Victoria we have over 8,000 Nippers aged between 6 and 13 years that hit our beaches as part of the Junior Development Program each summer. This equates to approximately 32% of our total membership and continues to grow steadily.

Victoria’s 57 Life Saving Clubs are a wonderful setting for Surf Education and Youth Development and from the age of five (5) kids can access our lifesaving programs. These programs develop their skills in lifesaving and day to day life whilst being able to make lots of new friends along the way.

The major program for children at Life Saving Clubs in Victoria is the Surf Education Program (5 – 13 years). This National program is structured specifically to their ages and abilities gradually teaches kids basic lifesaving skills required to be safe around an aquatic environment as well as developing their skills to compete in surf sports.

As the Nippers program is designed to learn about lifesaving skills and safety around the beach, we strongly encourage all parents of children with limited swimming ability to enroll them in swimming lessons first. Upon registering your child with a Life Saving Club Nipper program they will be required to pass a set of evaluation skills including a swimming assessment.